Why Drinking Juices Is Healthy


Drinking Juices

A healthy diet which incorporates fruits and vegetables is much needed in today’s world of fast food. But eating healthy is not very easy due to various reasons. One way to consume those much-needed portions of fruits and vegetables which is super quick and easy is through juices. Though juicing is known for a very long time, it has become prevalent in the recent days with many popular juicers like Breville Juice Fountain Plus coming up with new machines that can make juice a healthy option. www.webmd.com report states that there is a spike in the number of buyers of juicers in the market as they claim to retain more fiber.

Apart from retaining the fiber, the nutrients present in the juices of fruits and vegetables makes it possible to consume the daily recommended portions. Moreover, nutrients can be quickly absorbed by the body and benefit your health immensely. Listed below are a few reasons why drinking juice is right for you

Nutrients: For a human body to be healthy, it needs nutrients. It is good to eat raw vegetables and fruits, but realistically speaking you cannot consume those five portions of fruits and vegetables only through salads or other simple recipes. Moreover, your body takes longer to digest those foods and hence your gut is working overtime. But when you are consuming fruits or vegetables as juice the nutrients are directly absorbed into the bloodstream and gives your stomach a break from digestion.
By juicing you are extracting the much-needed nutrients and leaving out the pulp which thereby your gut gets a rest. Also, you can consume more variety of fruits and vegetables, and hence more nutrients as eating make you full quickly and drinking juices will not. If you are looking at efficient consumption of vegetables then juicing is an excellent option.

Fewer food cravings: Food craving is not something unknown. Everyone would have come across this many time in their lives. As per some surveys, food cravings can be reduced by drinking juices. A fruit juice contains natural sugars; food craving is body’s way of asking for sugar. In that case, a glass of apple, orange, the strawberry juice will help you take care of your sugar craving. Since the sugar from the fruits is natural and not processed, it is healthy, so you need not worry about gaining those pounds. You can do many variations to give a different flavor to your juices by adding some spices or a piece of ginger with a dash of lemon.

Aids in weight loss: There are many unhealthy diet plans to lose weight doing the rounds online. There are very few which is healthy and also gives you the needed result. One such diet is the juice fasting wherein you are on a diet of only juices. Drinking juices help your body to lose weight immediately as well as detoxify by removing all the toxins from the body. Many people have also observed that they have lesser allergy attacks, better gut, and fewer illnesses.

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