What To Look For When Buying A Weight Bench?


There are a few essential pieces of equipment that is a must-have in your gym or a studio, weight bench is one of them which is essential for strength training. Sit up bench review, and weight bench reviews are available all over the internet, choosing the one perfect for your needs is still a challenge. www.mensfitness.com opines that having the right weight bench is essential as they allow you to train at any angle, focus on any muscle you want to build and to reduce the risk of injury.
Explained below are the different types of benches available and the features that you should look for when buying a weight bench.

The main categories of weight bench are:
Multi-Adjustable Benches
Flat Benches
Olympic Benches
Specialist Benches

Multi-adjustable weight bench: This weight bench has a simple design with multiple adjustment levels and steps. These adjustment levels provide a variety of options needed for workout needed for a dumbbell routine. These are not suitable for heavy lifting and is ideal for a home or a commercial gym with flat, incline and decline workout options to target specific muscles.

Flat benches: This is a popular option for performing bench presses on a flat surface. It is a fixed bench, and hence it offers more stability and minor maintenance. These flat benches are of a fixed height and are lower than the multi-adjustable benches. They come with wheels attached, so it is easy to transport.

Olympic benches: This category is another popular one in both home and commercial gyms. They have inbuilt racking which makes it safer than using a squat stand and also there is no need for benches to be placed in power or half racks to obtain bench press variations. The drawback of this equipment is that both the angle and the racking system is fixed. These are also like flat benches low maintenance as the moving parts are very few.

Specialized benches: There are many benches which can be used when you are looking to add free weight which is useful when you are focusing on specific exercises for muscle groups. These are benches which can focus on biceps, abdomen, hips or back.

Key features to look for in weight benches:

Adjustable: Look for benches which provide adjustable back pad angles. It should have a least decline, flat and 90-degree press options. These options are needed so that you can include various exercises in different aspects.

Sound quality: Some weight benches are very inexpensive, but you should check the build quality and also check the stability of the bench when weights are added. Lesser cost models are low on stability and wobbles when you add weight. It is worth investing a little more money to not only achieve the desired weight training goal but also for training safely.

Safety: Safety is critical when using any gym equipment, ensure they provide spotter catchers when you are buying a bench and rack. These come into play when you are unable to return the weight up; you just let the rack into a safety catcher instead.

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