Is Testosterone Important For Women? Here Are Some Facts About Testosterone In Women!

Testosterone For Women

You would have definitely heard about the importance of the hormone testosterone for men. The drop of the hormone level causes a lot of ailments in men and the products which boost testosterone level in men are selling hot in the market. But did you know that testosterone is vital for the overall physical and mental well-being of women as well? Finding it difficult to digest? Check out the scientific explanation for the same at HealthGains!

A woman’s body consists of more of testosterone than estrogen in her young age. Later on, the level of testosterone drops which is now evaluated by many experts as a reason for many age related issues in women. According to, people are now increasingly aware of their health issues and are keen on checking their health status regularly. Testosterone therapy is used around the world as a treatment to overcome the issues related to low testosterone levels in women.

Who is at greater risk?
The risks due to low testosterone level are more in women who have reached the menopause phase and who are nearing menopause. The testosterone production in their body reduces to nearly half during this period, and hence the chance for testosterone deficiency is very high.

After-effects of testosterone deficiency
Low testosterone levels weaken the muscles and bones in women. Muscle mass gets reduced, and the bone density reduces which may result in osteoporosis. Another common after-effect is the increase in weight. If your weight increases rapidly and you are not able to bring it under control despite any efforts, then it would be good to get your hormone levels checked.

Another aftereffect is the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Considering the fact that cardiovascular diseases are more in women after menopause, there is enough reason to suspect that low testosterone is the reason.

Apart from these physical issues, low testosterone also affects the emotional well-being of women. Severe tiredness for no reason, increased anxiety, depression, difficulty to concentrate on things are all pointers to testosterone deficiency. These symptoms are seen in most of the women as they age and most often the hormones are the villains. Decreased sexual libido is another issue which results from dropping testosterone level.

Results of the therapy
Testosterone therapy would help in compensating the low levels and thus overcome the symptoms due to the deficiency. You can get rid of tiredness, anxiety, depression, etc. It strengthens your bones and boosts your energy. Testosterone therapy in women going through menopause helps in getting rid of the issues such as vaginal dryness and irritation, urinary urgency, incontinence, etc. Balanced testosterone level would help in preventing Type 2 diabetes and also heart diseases to a great extent.

Why go for a natural therapy?
Natural replacement therapy with biologically identical hormones is definite to give excellent results. The side effects are much lower in this case because the molecular structure of the hormones is similar to that of the hormones produced naturally in woman’s body. So why to suffer when you have excellent scientific solutions? Make use of them and lead a healthy life!