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                Sichuan Grand Royal Incorporated Co.,Ltd
                Home > Grand Royal information > Provincial governor Yin li visited Grand Royal
                Provincial governor Yin li visited Grand Royal
                • Provincial governor Yin li visited Grand Royal

                  Update time:2018-05-29 Publisher:GRAND ROYAL Browse the number:Return list

                  May 19th ,deputy secretary of the Sichuan provincial Party committee and governor(Yin Li) visited Sichuan Grand Royal Incorporated Co.,Ltd to inspect and guide the work.The deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress and Secretary of the municipal Party committee of Guang'an City,(Hou xiaochun), mayor(Ceng qing), the Secretary of the county Party committee(Zhao pu)and county Magistrate(Huang yonghong) accompanied the inspection, and the chairman (Yuan zhiyou) of the company made the report.


                  The leaders first inspected the company's robotics automation equipment workshop. In 2017, under the guidance of the government of the county Party committee, the company upgraded the high-end equipment industry of the transformation automation. The governor Yin gave an affirmation, and made important instructions.Required the company to work hard in the int roduction of high-end talents and high-tech research and development, and strive to occupy an important position in the field of advanced equipment through a period of development.


                  Subsequently, accompanied by Chairman Yuan Zhiyou,the leaders inspected the motorcycle assembly workshop and learned about the development of new motorcycle products.Learned about  the export performance of motorcycle and solar photovoltaic products about $20000000 per year,the company adhere to the "one belt and one road" line of development has been fully affirmed, a detailed understanding of company's products and export customs clearance, logistics etc.


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