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                Home > Grand Royal information > The?123th Canton?Fair ended satisfactorily
                The?123th Canton?Fair ended satisfactorily
                • The?123th Canton?Fair ended satisfactorily

                  Update time:2018-04-19 Publisher:GRAND ROYAL Browse the number:Return list

                  Apr 15th,2018,the 123th Spring Fair opened in anticipation,many famous Chinese and foreign enterprises had appeared, gathered in Pazhou, the exhibition is very popular. Our company was honored to be invited to participate in the exhibition again,this exhibition got a lot of new customer sources,and the customers are very satisfied with our products,we achieved happy cooperation with customers and signed the orders at the scene.



                  In addition to the motorcycle products displayed in the exhibition, our company also operates automobile and motorcycle accessories, aviation accessories, intelligent robots, solar PV products and so on,the company's products are sold to Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Africa, Mongolia, Iran and other international markets now.


                  Jiayi is willing to cooperate in opening up and win a win-win cooperation with international friends and play a positive role in bringing bright, stable and beautiful prospects to the world and making more constructive contributions. And our company sends a sincere invitation to all businessmen from the world, invites friends from all over the world to visit our company for discussion and cooperation.

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