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                Grand Royal"One belt one road" Myanmar
                • Grand Royal"One belt one road" Myanmar

                  Sincerely join hands and lead the future

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                  rporated Co., Ltd.



                  Mysterious country with beautiful, simple and honest.

                  In the past over 120 days,thanks for all the people who always standing by GRANDROYAL,and Combined with the chairman Mr.Yuan Zhiyou ,more than 10 years of struggle experience in Myanmar. On October16,2016.GRANDROYAL Group had a strategic cooperation with Hisense Group and TMH Group. in the afternoon,There was hold a press conference in The Novotel Hotel . the offical launch of Hisense VRF airconditioning ,And the grand opening of Hisense VRF showroom.The conference has received more than 300 distinguished guests congratulations ,attend the conference with the respected former chairman of Burma government minister, Minister of Commerce,&finance, &development planning, hotel and Tourism Minister Abel Excellency, members of Congress and THMarea Mr.Wang guoda, THM&GRANDROYAL GROUP chairman Mr.Wang Jiasheng, Hisense Group, Hisense &Hitachi deputy general manager Mr. Zhang Jiren ,deputy chief engineer ,Mr. Meng Jianjun,ect.

                  Burma national television, channel7, Skynet, mrtv4, 5movies and other media take full participation in the press conference and report this Event .





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