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                Sichuan Grand Royal Incorporated Co.,Ltd
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                Recruitment Notice
                • 一、Recruitment channels of cooperation

                  1.Talent market: Every month 25th,26th have the recruitment meeting in Linshui EDZ;

                  2.Talent website:http://www.lsxxg.cn3.

                  3.The company address :NO.48,South Industrial Park 2nd District,Linshui Economic Development Zone,Guang'an City,Sichuan


                  二、The interview notification

                  1.Notice: Receive resume, by the Ministry of personnel screening and if required, the position, the staff will be notified within a week;


                  2.Notice:Resume: through the network phone call;Through the talent market resume: the site notice or phone call;




                  Please bring your identification card and 2 photos (1 inch red background), graduation certificate, degree certificate, health certificate and other relevant documents; according to the agreed time, place to handle registration procedures。

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