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                Sichuan Grand Royal Incorporated Co.,Ltd
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                Grand Royal Culture
                  • Grand Royal's Vision

                      Become the largest and the most effective technology innovation enterprise in China

                    Grand Royal's Mission

                    Provide our customers comfort and safety;provide our employees success and happiness.

                    Grand Royal's Spirit

                    Simple, Focus, Unremitting self-improvement

                    Grand Royal's Style

                    Keep promises, No Excuses, Absolute obedience, Never give up

                  • Grand Royal's Five Perspective of Values

                    Customer : Always have the heart to create more values for customers

                    Employees : Always have the heart leading employees towards success

                    Career : Always have the heart to achieve greater undertaking

                    Team : Teamwork always has priority

                    Thanksgiving : Proud of thanksgiving, Shame for ingratitude

                  • Grand Royal's Eight Core Concept

                    The Concept of Entrepreneurship : With continuous work hard is more important than in high and vigorous spirits in short time

                    The Concept of Wealth : Self-improvement is an inexhaustible wealth

                    The Concept of development : No pain no gain

                    The Concept of Life : To gather a team by sharing interests with team members.To be supported as broad-minded man.To lead a team by taking the lead.To convince people by self-restraint.

                    The Concept of Income : The achievement decides income.

                    The Concept of Achievement : Try to be No.1 without hesitation

                    The Concept of Learning : Reverencing hero will be hero

                    The Concept of Survival : Survival of the fittest

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